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The Community College League of California ("The League") is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose voluntary membership consists of the 72 local community college districts in California. Within The League are two major organizations which share a common mission, staff and fiscal resources: the California Community College Trustees (CCCT) and the Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges (CEOCCC).

In addition, two other organizations are affiliated with The League: the Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA); and the California Community College Classified Senate (CCCCS). The League affiliated organizations have many goals and objectives similar to CCCT and CEOCCC and recognize that the sharing of facilities and some resources helps strengthen those common purposes. Yet it also is recognized that The League affiliate maintains total independence to pursue the objectives of its members which on occasion may be at variance with the positions taken by CCCT and CEOCCC.  

League Boards

CCCT has a 21-member board of directors elected by the 72 local governing boards. CEOCCC has a 15-member board of directors elected by the local community college chancellors, superintendents and presidents. These boards meet approximately six (6) times a year. At those meetings action is taken on education policy issues before the state Board of Governors and the legislature. Policy direction also is provided to staff concerning statewide educational policy, research initiatives, publications, workshops, and conferences.

To coordinate The League organizations and their affiliates and to assure their adequate support, each organization selects representatives to serve on The League Board of Directors ("Board"). The League Board establishes the budget and dues, employs and evaluates the chief executive officer, and approves a staff organization structure. The Board also establishes and evaluates the annual education policy agenda and annual legislative program. The Board includes four representatives each from CCCT and CEOCCC, two each from ACCCA and CCCCS.


The CCCT and CEOCCC boards are assisted in accomplishing their common goals and objectives through standing and ad hoc committees whose membership includes trustees, administrators, faculty, classified staff, public information officers and students. Presently the committees include the Advisory Committee on Education Services and Advisory Committee on Legislation, and the District Services Advisory Committee. Oversight of intercollegiate athletics is performed by the League's California Community Colleges Athletic Association.

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