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The following are available from the Legislative Bill Room, State Capitol, Sacramento, California, (916) 445-2323:

Bills—To get a copy of a bill, ask your legislator, or write the Legislative Bill Room. Give the bill number and the number of copies desired. You may order one copy of each of up to 100 different bills per two-year session without charge. You will be sent the latest amended edition of the bill. Ask for all versions if you want to compare amendments.

Daily Files—The Senate and Assembly each publish a Daily File that is a schedule of bills to be heard in committees or on the Floor. The file includes the time and place of the hearings.

Weekly History—Summary of actions on all bills either in committee or on the Floor during the week. It also announces all new bills introduced during the week and to which committee they have been assigned.

Daily Journal—A history of the previous day's legislative actions including committee votes, floor votes, messages from the governor, internal communications, etc.

Legislative Index—Published periodically during the session, it lists bills alphabetically by subject. Use to check on other legislation in your area.

California's Legislative Handbook—Lists legislators with biographical information and photographs.

Lobbyists & Employers Registration Directory—Lists all registered lobbyists, with photographs, the organizations they work for; also lists all organizations employing lobbyists in California.

The Legislative Process: You Really Do Matter—A citizen's guide to participation.

The following are available directly from the specified source, call for prices:

State of California Telephone Directory—Lists all state workers alphabetically and by office. Use the one in your legislator's office, or order from the Documents Office, State of California, P.O. Box 1015 N. Highlands, CA 95660 (916) 574-2200.

California Political Almanac—California Journal Press, 2101 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 (916) 444-2840.

Pocket Directory of the California Legislature—Capitol Enquiry, 1228 N Street, Ste. 10, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 442-1434 or

Community College Directory—Community College League of California, 2017 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95811-5211, (916) 444-8641. Lists the contact information of the League's staff, Chancellor's Office staff, Board of Governors, and local college leadership. Published annually.

The Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of California—Available through your legislator or by contacting the Legislative Bill Room at (916) 445-2323.

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