About Us

The Community College League of California (League) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose voluntary membership consists of the 73 local public community college districts in California. We support locally elected trustees and community college CEOs to serve their students and communities by advocating on their behalf at the state and federal levels, providing continued professional development, and delivering services that employ economies of scale to minimize cost.

Our Mission

As the professional membership association of the California Community College districts, the League empowers its members to transform the lives of our diverse students and strengthen communities statewide through advocacy, leadership development, district services, coalition building, and policy advancement.

Our Vision

California Community Colleges as the global model for community-based public higher education with an unparalleled commitment to access, equity and achievement.

Our Values

We value a transformative vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of our decision-making to uplift our institutions, communities, and students.

We value access to affordable and quality public higher education through the California Community Colleges with an unyielding commitment to equity and achievement.

We value local governance of the California Community Colleges where diverse trustees from locally elected communities determine institutional priorities and where the state and federal governments establish overall policies and provide critical funding.

We value democratic institutions in all levels of government which adhere to the highest levels of ethics and transparency, and where stakeholders can equitably and robustly participate in the election of officeholders and influence policy.

We value our role as the premier professional membership association of all California Community College districts, where CEOs and Trustees can collectively determine how best to represent and serve their diverse interests in advocacy, leadership development, and district services.

We value the diverse professionals who lead and work for the Community College League of California and we honor their commitment, service, and talent by adhering to the highest levels of collegiality and respect, and through fostering continuing opportunities for professional development to expand their potential and reach new horizons.


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