About the League

The Community College League of California (League or CCLC) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation whose voluntary membership consists of the 72 local public community college districts in California. We support locally elected trustees and college CEOs, serve their communities by advocating on their behalf in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., and by providing continuing education services and utilizing economies of scale to keep the cost of services low.

Our Mission

To strengthen California’s Community Colleges through advocacy, leadership development, and district services.

Our Vision

Quality public community colleges for all Californians.

Our Values

The League strives to foster creative and enterprising approaches to issues confronting California’s Community College leaders through consideration of the future with imagination and rigor.

Ethical leadership
We are committed to practicing and supporting authentic, honest, equity-minded, respectful and purposeful leadership.

Twenty-first century community college leadership demands effective collaboration among and between the multiple constituencies and stakeholders in California. The League is uniquely qualified to create opportunities for collaborative and integrated approaches to advance our sector’s critical mission.

As a member-focused organization, the League embraces the servant-leadership approach by attending to our member districts’ highest priority needs first.

Serving the most diverse public system of higher education in the U.S. is an honor and a privilege. The League continually seeks to lead and support our members’ efforts to create the conditions for equitable and inclusive communities of learning.

Informed and enlightened discourse and debate is a necessary condition of a pluralistic and democratic community of learners. The League seeks to foster discussion and dialogue among our diverse stakeholders to advance our understanding and support for California’s Community Colleges.

Our Goals

  • Goal One: Strengthen colleges through proactive advocacy and policy development;
  • Goal Two: Enhance the partnership and effectiveness between and among trustees and CEOs;
  • Goal Three: Increase the awareness and optimize the value of the League’s services to our constituencies;
  • Goal Four: Increase the League’s profile; and
  • Goal Five: Enhance resource capacity and strengthen internal communication.

The League's Financials

To review the League's Budget & Audit Reports, click here.