The California Community College Trustees (CCCT) Board consists of 21 members elected statewide by the 73 district governing boards and a student-member elected by the student trustees. The CCCT Board takes positions on and formulates education policy issues that come before the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, the State Legislature, and other relevant state-level boards and commissions. This policy board provides input to the League Board to advance the mission and effectively serve the organization's member colleges.

Board Information

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Board Members

Ann Ransford
Board Member
Glendale CCD
Sally Biggin
Board Member
Redwoods CCD
Joshua Elizondo
Board Member
Student Trustee, Santa Monica CCD
Don Edgar
Board Member
Sonoma County CCD
Brent Hastey
Board Member
Yuba CCD
Pamela Haynes
Board Member
Los Rios CCD
Loren Steck
Board Member
Monterey Peninsula CCD
Greg Pensa
Board Member
Allan Hancock CCD
Eric Payne
Board Member
State Center CCD
Larry Kennedy
Board Member
Ventura County CCD
Mark Evilsizer
Board Member
Palomar CCD
Tracey Vackar
Board Member
Riverside CCD
Brigitte Davila
Board Member
San Francisco CCD
Mary Jane Sanchez
Board Member
Desert CCD
Barry Snell
Board Member
Santa Monica CCD
Barbara Dunsheath
Board Member
North Orange County CCD
Suzanne Lee Chan
Board Member
Ohlone CCD


Adrienne Grey
West Valley-Mission CCD
Kenneth Brown
El Camino CCD
Andra Hoffman
Second Vice President
Los Angeles CCD
Marisa Perez
First Vice President
Cerritos CCD
Linda Wah
Immediate Past President
Pasadena Area CCD