Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges (CEOCCC) Board

The Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges (CEOCCC) Board consists of 15 members who serve as chancellors, superintendent/presidents, and presidents of colleges and districts representing particular regions in the state and who are elected by the CEOs in each region. The CEOCCC Board also takes positions on and formulates education policy issues that come before the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, the State Legislature, and other relevant state-level boards and commissions. This policy board provides input to the League Board to advance the mission and effectively serve the organization's member colleges.  

2024 Board Elections

The CEOCCC Board elections for Areas 2, 8 and 10 have begun. For the timeline and details, please see below:

Nomination Period: February 15 - March 15 (each area receives a call for nominations email)

Election Period: March 15 - April 15

Note: The at-large appointment by the CEOCCC President (in consultation with the CEOCCC officers) takes place at the May meeting and is not part of the election process. Below are current representatives for areas up for election. 

Area 2: Edward Bush (0 terms left) 

Area 8: Barry Gribbons (2 terms left )

Area 10: Angelica Suarez (2 terms left)

At-large: Rowena Tomaneng (0 terms left) 

To submit a nomination for Area 2, 8 or 10, please complete the nomination form below:

CEOCCC Board Nomination Form

Board Information

All new agendas and minutes can now be viewed at:
If you have any questions please contact Agnes Lupa at


Julianna Barnes
Chancellor, South Orange County CCD (at-large)
Roger Schultz
Supt/President, Mt. San Jacinto CCD (Area 9)
Rowena Tomaneng
Vice President North
President, San Jose City College (at-large)
Sunita Cooke
Vice President South
Supt/President, Mira Costa CCD (Area 11)
Jose Fierro
Immediate Past President
Supt/President, Cerritos CCD (Area 7)

Board Members

Edward Bush
Board Member
President, Cosumnes River College (Area 2)
Bradley Davis
Board Member
Chancellor, West Valley-Mission CCD (Area 4)
Willy Duncan
Board Member
Supt/President, Sierra CCD (Area 1)
Erika Endrijonas
Board Member
Supt/President, Santa Barbara City College (at-large)
Barry Gribbons
Board Member
President, Los Angeles Valley College (Area 8)
David Martin
Board Member
Chancellor, San Francisco CCD (Area 5)
Char Perlas
Board Member
Supt/President, College of the Siskiyous (at-Large)
Angelica Suarez
Board Member
President, Orange Coast College (Area 10)
Brenda Thames
Board Member
Supt/President, El Camino CCD (Area 7)
Chris Vitelli
Board Member
Supt/President, Merced CCD (Area 3)
Kevin Walthers
Board Member
Supt/President, Allan Hancock College (Area 6)