CEO Student-Centered Funding Formula Taskforce

In 2019, the CEOCCC Board created a CEO Student-Centered Funding Formula Taskforce focused on monitoring implementation and recommendations for improvements. The Taskforce is comprised of 15 CEOs and three trustees, one CEO from each area, and four at-large members selected to ensure that all areas and types of colleges are represented. The Taskforce is chaired by Willy Duncan, Superintendent-President at Sierra College.

The goal of the Taskforce is to be prepared with a perspective and response to funding formula changes and implementation strategies.

Student-Centered Funding Formula Resources

Funding Formula Workgroup (January-May 2018)

As part of the 2018-19 January Budget, Governor Brown proposed the establishment of a new funding formula for community colleges. Chancellor Oakley has tasked the CEO Board to provide recommendations in response to the Governor’s January funding formula proposal. The efforts of the Workgroup focused on responding to the Governor's proposal with alternative recommendations and improvements. 

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