Student Housing Resources

SB 169 and the associated funding set aside in the 2021-22 State Budget is intended to provide affordable, low-cost housing options for students enrolled in public postsecondary education in California. SB 169 establishes a program of one-time grants for the construction of student housing. It also encourages colleges to acquire and renovate commercial properties for student housing.


SB 169 distributes $500 million from the 2021-22 State Budget in the following manner:


  • 50% of funding for California Community Colleges
  • 30% of funding for California State University
  • 20% of funding for University of California

Additionally, the bill states it is the Legislature's intent that the planned $1.5 billion investment in student housing in the 2022-23 and 2023-24 budget years would use the same formula.


Important Dates

SB 169 also contains critical deadlines that colleges and districts should be aware of:


October 31, 2021: To be considered, all proposals should be submitted to the Department of Finance (DOF) by this date to be part of the initial consideration pool. DOF may establish subsequent proposal deadlines as necessary.


March 1, 2022: DOF will provide all of the submitted project proposals to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and a list of projects proposed for inclusion in the annual Budget Act or other legislation.


December 31, 2022: SB 169 encourages the construction of these projects to begin by this date, or by the earliest possible date thereafter.



Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program Application

For the first round of funding from funds available in 2021-22, applicants must submit initial proposals for 1) the construction of student housing, 2) the acquisition and renovation of commercial properties into student housing, or 3) community college planning grants, by October 31, 2021.

Below are the application materials, including detailed application instructions, and an FAQ document for applicants to use as colleges prepare their proposals for the initial funding round. Proposals must be submitted via email to Applicants must submit a completed application using the Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposal (COBCP) form and the Supplemental Application and may attach supporting documentation as part of their submission.

  1. Program Overview and Application Instructions
  2. Frequently Asked Questions for Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program
  3. Supplemental Application
  4. Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposal (COBCP) form

SB 169 states it is the intent of the Legislature for $25 million to be used by community colleges for:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering Studies
  • Financing Studies
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Architectural Plans
  • Application Fees
  • Legal Services
  • Permitting Costs
  • Bonding and Site Preparation

Pursuant to California Public Contract Code 20651, and in an effort to assist California's community college districts with the most qualified vendors, the League solicited proposals for Student Housing Feasibility Studies and selected The Scion Group and Brailsford & Dunlavey.

For questions on Student Housing Feasibility Studies, please contact Lisa Mealoy, Chief Operating Officer, at