Assembly Bill 1746
Authors: Assemblymember Jose Medina and Assemblymember Kevin McCarty
Title: The Cal Grant Reform Act

League Position: SUPPORT
Action due by: 12:00 p.m. on June 24, 2022 (Committee Deadline)
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What does the bill do?

  • Streamlines and consolidates the existing Cal Grant programs into a Cal Grant 2 Program for community college students and a Cal Grant 4 Program for students attending four-year colleges. 
  • Expands access to the Cal Grant program by aligning eligibility for the Cal Grant with eligibility for the federal Pell Grant.
  • Provides an automatic inflationary adjustment to the Cal Grant award (starting at $1,656) for community college students. 
  • Removes the GPA, age, and time-out-of-high-school eligibility requirements for community college students. 
  • Extends the financial aid application deadline to September 2nd (instead of March 2nd) for community college students. 

Why is this significant for community colleges?

  • AB 1746 proposes the Cal Grant Equity Framework, using the total cost of attendance as the college affordability benchmark rather than solely tuition.
  • The extension of the application deadline and elimination of current GPA requirements would mean that our returning and non-traditional students would have greater access to financial aid. 
  • According to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC), under the bill’s proposed Cal Grant 2 program, over 109,000 additional community students would receive a Cal Grant— including 73,000 Latino students, 38,000 student parents, and 9,400 Black students.
  • The bill recognizes that the cost to attend a CCC is not just tuition and that the total cost of attendance needs to be addressed as the state recovers financially.

What is the ask?

  • Send a letter of support to the  Senate Education Committee urging their support for the bill. For a template letter, click here. To submit your letters through the California Legislature's Position Letter Portal, click here.