Assembly Bill 1505
Author: Freddie Rodriguez
Title: Community Colleges: Faculty Obligation Number

League Position: OPPOSE
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What does the bill do?

  • Would require the minimum number of full-time faculty a college must hire to be set at the hiring level of Fall 2023 and be adjusted annually thereafter.
  • Does not provide additional funding for districts to responsibly hire the additional faculty required under the provisions of the bill.
  • Will enforce a minimum level of staffing levels regardless of enrollment or current year funding.

Why is this significant for community colleges?

  • Chooses an arbitrary faculty level number based on Fall 2023 staffing levels without regard to local and state priorities.
  • The minimum number of faculty required to be hired under the legislation will not decrease in cases of declining enrollment, funding levels or other fiscal challenges impacting districts.
  • Ignores changes to educational modalities regarding online education relating to the global pandemic.

What is the ask?

Send a letter of opposition to the Senate Committee on Education. For a template letter, click here. To submit your letters through the California Legislature's Position Letter Portal, click here.