League Board of Directors

The Community College League of California is governed by a board of directors composed of five members from each of the organization's two policy boards, the California Community College Trustees (CCCT) Board and the Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges (CEOCCC) Board, plus two representatives from the California Community Colleges Classified Senate (CCCCS). The League Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the business affairs of the organization and also establishes and evaluates the annual education policy agenda and annual legislative program.

Board Information

All new agendas and minutes can now be viewed at: http://www.boarddocs.com/ca/cclca/bod/Board.nsf/Public
If you have any questions please contact Agnes Lupa at agnes@ccleague.org.


Marisa Perez
Cerritos CCD (CCCT)
Jose Fierro
1st Vice Chair/Treasurer
Cerritos CCD (CEOCCC)
Trisha Albertsen
2nd Vice Chair/Secretary
Chaffey College (CCCCS)
Byron Clift Breland
Immediate Past Chair
North Orange County CCD (CEOCCC)

Board Members

Julianna Barnes
Board Member
South Orange County CCD (CEOCCC)
Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg
Board Member
Andra Hoffman
Board Member
Los Angeles CCD (CCCT)
Deborah Knowles
Board Member
Sacramento City College (CCCCS)
Roger Schultz
Board Member
Mt. San Jacinto CCD (CEOCCC)
Loren Steck
Board Member
Monterey Peninsula CCD (CCCT)
Rowena Tomaneng
Board Member
San Jose City College (CEOCCC)