The League hosts several annual conferences and events that offer professional development opportunities for California’s community college Presidents, CEOs, Trustees, and administrators. Below is a list of upcoming events.

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Upcoming Events

Fri, December 8, 2023
Evergreen Valley College
For the past several years, the CEO Affordability, Food, and Housing Access Taskforce have gathered together students, practitioners, and reform advocates for an annual summit to discuss high-impact practices that address affordability, housing, and food insecurity concerns.
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Fri, January 26, 2024 to Sun, January 28, 2024
The League is pleased to offer a workshop for both trustees and board chairs to learn the duties expected of board members of California's Community Colleges. State leaders and experienced trustees will provide comprehensive information on the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective trustee.
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Sun, January 28, 2024 to Mon, January 29, 2024
The League's Annual Legislative Conference provides an opportunity for California Community College advocates to connect and meet with members of the State Legislature at the start of the advocacy season. Every year, this conference features high-level discussions surrounding hot-topic legislative issues, providing a unique chance for colleges and districts to engage with issue-area experts and state policymakers. This year's theme is
Tue, February 13, 2024 to Fri, February 16, 2024
Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove
This seminar is an intensive four-day experience that focuses on the issues facing women in higher education as well as provides information, strategies, contacts, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.
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