Statewide Policy & Procedure Services

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Service Benefits

The Policy & Procedure Service is provided to subscribing districts by the Community College League of California, in partnership with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, a California law corporation. All 73 districts subscribe to the Service, which includes :

Board Policy and Administrative Procedure Templates
There are over 400 board policy and administrative procedure templates that are vetted by the legal firm of Liebert Cassidy Whitmore.  The language in the templates is indicated as legally required, legally advised, or suggested as good practice for boards and districts. The over 400 policy and procedure templates are available to subscribing districts electronically on the Subscribers Website.

Biannually (in Fall and Spring), subscribing districts receive legal updates to assist them in ensuring their board policies and administrative procedures reflect recent revisions in federal/state statutes and regulations as well as accreditation standards to ensure the board policies and administrative procedures remain current. The legal updates are posted on the Subscribers Website.

Implementation Handbook
The Implementation Handbook is based on surveys and discussions on how subscribing districts are implementing the service. This document also provides advice and strategies for using the policy and procedure templates.

Employees from subscribing districts may request to be placed on a listserv to receive and share information from the League and other subscribers.

Subscribers Workshops
The League sponsors two statewide subscribers workshops a year, one in November (prior to the Annual Convention) and one in April/May (prior to the Annual Trustees Conference), that provide an opportunity to explore implementation strategies, review legal updates, and discuss questions regarding the policies and procedures.

Additional Information and Assistance
Contact Dr. Jane B. Wright, Director of  Policy and Procedure Services, at for additional information regarding the Policy & Procedure Subscriber Service, the over 400 templates, and implementation strategy best practices.

For an additional cost, Dr. Wright from the League will assist districts with updating/revising their policy and procedure documents, using the Service’s templates.