Monday, January 25, 2021

Annual Legislative Conference Focuses on the California State Budget and an Equity-Based Economic Recovery

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Community College League of California’s (League) 2021 Annual Legislative Conference, Advocating for an Equity-Based Economy, January 25-26, provides an opportunity for California Community College advocates to meet with key members of the State Legislature to discuss important policy issues impacting it’s 2.1 million students. In light of Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2021-22 Budget Proposal, this year’s conference focuses on the California State Budget and the critical need for continued investment in community colleges for their integral role in moving the state from a K-Shaped recovery to an E-Shaped or equity-based recovery and economy.

California Community Colleges are uniquely positioned to assist in the transformation of our state’s K-Shaped economy, where the wealth gap continues to widen, to a more inclusive equity-based or E-Shaped recovery that recognizes those who need the most assistance should receive the greatest support. “California’s 116 community colleges not only serve the most diverse and lowest-income Californians, who need the greatest investment from the state, but also awarded nearly 10,000 certificates and degrees to emergency medical technicians, nurses, and respiratory care professionals in 2019-20,” said Dr. Larry Galizio, President and CEO of the Community College League of California. “These students and frontline workers are educated at California Community Colleges and deserve the state’s full funding.”

During the virtual conference, attendees will be joined by the following legislators and keynote speakers:

Monday, January 25
Tolani Britton, Assistant Professor Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley
Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, Assembly District 7, California State Assembly
Senator John Laird, Senate District 17, California State Senate
Gabriel Petek, Legislative Analyst
Paul Steenhausen, Principal Fiscal & Policy Analyst, Legislative Analyst’s Office

Tuesday, January 26
John Howard, Editor, Capitol Weekly
Tim Foster, Executive Director, Open California (Capitol Weekly)
Senator Connie Leyva, Senate District 20, California State Senate and Chair of the Senate Education Committee
Assemblymember Jose Medina, Assembly District 61, California State Assembly and Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee

Speakers will discuss the Legislature’s higher education priorities, budgetary issues, and their response to the current pandemic.

Every year, the Annual Legislative Conference offers an opportunity for community college advocates to meet with their respective members of the Legislature at the State Capitol in Sacramento. Due to current health and safety regulations, the Legislative Conference is being offered in an online virtual format and attendees have been encouraged to meet with their members virtually.

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