Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Funding Voter-Approved Facility Projects Identified as a Key Priority for California Community College Leaders

SACRAMENTO, CA – At their September meetings, the California Community College Trustees (CCCT) Board and the Chief Executive Officers of California Community Colleges (CEOCCC) Board of the Community College League of California (League) approved the 2019 League Policy Priorities, identifying voter-supported facilities and infrastructure projects as a key advocacy priority.

Over the last two years, failure to fund all Board of Governors’ approved and vetted facility projects in the state budget has resulted in an extensive backlog of projects, a dismissal of strong voter support for Proposition 51, and a massive facilities need of $42 billion over the next 10 years. The backlog of approved projects has now risen to 60 statewide. Failing to fund these capital projects represents a missed opportunity to create jobs, preempt significant development cost increases, and to cultivate a skilled and educated workforce in communities throughout the state. 

The CCCT and CEOCCC Boards emphasized that suitable educational facilities play a vital role in supporting the mission of California’s 114 colleges and the success if its students. Funding all approved projects in the 2019-20 Capital Outlay Plan is an essential element to meet statewide needs.

The California Community Colleges form the largest public postsecondary educational system in the US. California's community colleges serve 2.1 million students annually, 23 percent of the nation's community college students, and almost 75 percent of California's public postsecondary undergraduates. System assets include 5,667 buildings and 84.1 million gross square feet of space. The recent Capital Outlay Plan covers the period from 2019-18 through 2023-24 and includes $42.5 billion of capital facility needs for the California Community Colleges system.

“Funding these voter-approved projects is the rational economic decision. Waiting to release bond resources for these necessary projects will increase the total costs and diminish the return on Californians’ investment” said Larry Galizio, President & CEO of the Community College League of California.

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