Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Community College League of California has submitted the following seven letters to the Governor for the 2023 legislative session.

The League has provided templates for three of these measures on our Legislative Advocacy page, and have attached a PDF copy of all seven letters in case your district or college is interested in submitting their own letter.

If you do submit a letter, consider adding the bill number and requested action in your letter's title and the email subject line. Also, please copy the League's Government Relations team, Andrew Martinez at and Nune Garipian at, so we may have a complete record of all letters submitted.

The Governor has until October 14 to sign or veto these measures. You may submit your letters to the Governor at

Assembly Bill 91 (Alvarez) Community colleges: exemption from nonresident tuition fee: residence near the California-Mexico border


This bill would expand access to California community colleges to low-income, binational community college students residing within 45 miles of the California-Mexico border. 

AB 91 letter template


AB 299 (Holden) Hazing: educational institutions: civil liability: resources

Opposed by the League: Vetoed by Governor

This bill authorizes civil action against educational institutions for instances of hazing the institution knew or should have known.

AB 299 letter template


AB 634 (Ward) Community colleges: career development and college preparation courses

Endorsed by the League: Signed by Governor

The bill would allow courses offered in the Managed Enrollment (ME) Career Development and College Preparation (CDCP) Courses to be eligible for state funding if those courses are offered as a complement of other courses.

AB 634 letter template


AB 746 (Sanchez) Learning-Aligned Employment Program: eligibility 

Endorsed by the League: Vetoed by Governor

This bill would expand career development opportunities for California's community college students participating in the Learning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP). 

AB 746 letter template


AB 1400 (Bryan) Student financial aid: College Access Tax Credit Fund: community college student transfers: Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Endorsed by the League: Signed by Gov. Newsom

This bill would award scholarships to California Community College transfer students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 


AB 1699 (McCarty) K–14 classified employees: part-time or full-time vacancies: public postings

Opposed by the League: Vetoed by Governor

This bill requires job opportunities to be posted for internal applicants for ten days before external candidates may be considered. It also requires that an internal candidate that meets the minimum qualifications, or “could” meet the minimum qualifications before their start date, have the right of first refusal for a position. 

AB 1699 letter template


SB 433 (Cortese) Classified school and community college employees: disciplinary hearings: appeals: impartial third-party hearing officers

Opposed by the League: Vetoed by Governor

This bill would fundamentally change the locally elected community college board’s authority to make the ultimate disciplinary action against a classified staff person and place it into the hands of an unelected “hearing officer.” 

SB 433 letter template