Tuesday, February 23, 2021

League President Commends Governor Newsom for Passage of Golden State Stimulus Plan

SACRAMENTO, CA – On Tuesday, February 23rd, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a comprehensive budget package providing immediate financial relief for Californians most severely impacted by the current economic recession. “The Community College League of California commends the Legislature and Administration for their support of community college students in the Golden State Stimulus. Investing in our community colleges is key to an equitable recovery and we look forward to working together with lawmakers in the months ahead to ensure that our institutions remain a priority in the 2021-22 Budget Act,” said Dr. Larry Galizio, President & CEO for the Community College League of California. 

The Golden State Stimulus plan provides the following support for California Community College students:

  • An additional $100 million in emergency financial aid for qualifying low-income students carrying six or more units, with award amounts to be determined locally and made available by early April. 
  • $20 million to reengage students who have either left their community college studies because of the pandemic or to engage students at risk of leaving.
  • Roughly $6 million to support outreach and application assistance to University of California, California State University, and California Community College (CCC) students made newly eligible for CalFresh. Of that CCC gets $3.1 million in Proposition 98 one-time funds.

For more information about the Golden State Stimulus, click here.

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