Wednesday, April 28, 2021

League President Responds to the Biden Administration's American Families Plan

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, Wednesday, April 28th, President Biden announced the American Families Plan. The Community College of California released the following statement from League President and CEO Dr. Larry Galizio in response to the plan: 
"The Biden Administration’s American Families Plan recognizes the indispensable role of our nation’s community colleges in fostering economic and social mobility for hard-working individuals and families, in strengthening our nation’s global economic competitiveness, and in creating a more equitable 21st Century America. 
The Plan’s proposed $109 billion for 2-years of tuition-free community college, $80 billion to increase the maximum Pell Grant by $1,400, and $62 billion for retention and completion programs at colleges serving low-income students – including $39 billion to subsidize tuition at historically black and other minority-serving colleges and universities – represents a historic investment in educational opportunity and workforce development that is essential for cultivating talent and offering equitable opportunity and support for underserved and minoritized populations.
The Community College League of California urges Congressional and national support for these key features of the American Families Plan."


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