Federal Grant Opportunities

The League in partnership with Downs Government Affairs provides a list of federal grants to assist your community college in improving its programs and services. If you have any questions about the following grants, please feel free to reach out to Thomas Downs at TCDowns@downsgovaffairs.com.

Young Adult Reentry Partnership (YARP)

Agency: U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration
Estimated Total Program Funding: $25,000,000
Maximum Grant Award: $4,500,000
Closing Date for Applications: April 26, 2021
Program Description: YARP provides education and training services that improve employment outcomes of young adults involved in the criminal justice system and/or who left high school prior to graduation and to develop the capacity of community colleges to meet the needs of young adults with justice system involvement.  Funded projects aim to ensure that young adults transitioning from the criminal justice system are prepared to meet the needs of local labor markets with skills required by employers. Applicants must demonstrate that sub-grantees and community college partners will implement capacity-building in community colleges to support innovative models for accelerated learning for the target population of this FOA. Continue reading...

2021 Build to Scale Program

Agency: U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
Estimated Total Program Funding: $38,000,000
Maximum Grant Award: $1,500,000
Closing Date for Applications: April 29, 2021
Program Description: EDA’s FY 2021 Build to Scale program is comprised of two competitions – the Venture Challenge and the Capital Challenge. The Venture Challenge seeks to support high-growth entrepreneurship, accelerate company growth in the applicant’s region, and scale proven entrepreneurship support models. The Capital Challenge increases access to capital in communities where risk capital is in short supply by providing operational support for early-stage investment funds, angel capital networks, or investor training programs. Venture Challenge grants have two funding levels – up to $750,000 to build programs and up to $1.5 million to scale programs. Capital Challenge offers grants up to $400,000. Continue reading...

Data-Intensive Scientific Machine Learning and Analysis

Agency: U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science
Estimated Total Program Funding: May 27, 2021
Maximum Grant Award: $21,000,000
Closing Date for Applications: $800,000
Program Description: The DOE Office of Science program in Advanced Scientific Computing Research is interested in research applications to explore potentially high-impact approaches in the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for scientific insights from massive data generated by simulation, experiments, and observations. Continue reading...

Broadening Participation in Computing

Agency: National Science Foundation
Estimated Total Program Funding: $12,750,000
Maximum Grant Award: $1,200,000
Closing Date for Applications: June 14, 2021
Program Description: The Broadening Participation in Computing program (BPC) aims to significantly increase the number of U.S. citizens and permanent residents receiving post-secondary degrees in the computing disciplines, and to encourage participation of other underrepresented groups in the discipline. These groups may include women, persons with disabilities, and minorities. The BPC program seeks to engage the computing community to develop and implement innovative methods, frameworks, and strategies to improve recruitment and retention of these students through undergraduate and graduate degrees. Projects that target stages of the academic pipeline through faculty ranks are encouraged. The BPC program will support three categories of awards: Alliances, Demonstration Projects, and Supplements. BPC projects must have the potential for widespread, national impact. Continue reading...

Racial Equity in STEM Education

Agency: National Science Foundation
Estimated Total Program Funding: $30,000,000
Maximum Grant Award: $5,000,000
Closing Date for Applications: July 13, 2021
Program Description: Persistent racial injustices and inequalities in the United States have led to renewed concern and interest in addressing systemic racism. The National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) seeks to support bold, ground-breaking, and potentially transformative projects addressing systemic racism in STEM. Proposals should advance racial equity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and workforce development through research (both fundamental and applied) and practice. Core to this funding opportunity is that proposals are led by, or developed and led in authentic partnership with, individuals and communities most impacted by the inequities caused by systemic racism. Continue reading...

Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Education and Human Resources

Agency: National Science Foundation
Estimated Total Program Funding: $63,000,000
Maximum Grant Award: $3,000,000
Closing Date for Applications: July 21, 2021
Program Description: Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE): Education and Human Resources (EHR) seeks to promote novel, creative, and transformative approaches to generating and using new knowledge about STEM teaching and learning to improve STEM education for undergraduate students. IUSE: EHR supports projects that seek to bring recent advances in STEM knowledge into undergraduate education that adapt, improve, and incorporate evidence-based practices into STEM teaching and learning, and lay the groundwork for institutional improvement in STEM education.  IUSE: EHR encourages replication of research studies to produce deeper knowledge about the effectiveness and transferability of findings. Continue reading...


FY 21 Department of Navy (DON) Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematic (STEM), Education and Workforce Program

Agency: U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Naval Research
Estimated Total Program Funding: $12,000,000
Maximum Grant Award: $600,000
Closing Date for Applications: October 8, 2021
Program Description: The Office of Naval Research (ONR) invites proposals for augmenting existing and/or developing innovative solutions that directly maintain, and/or cultivate a diverse, world-class STEM workforce to maintain the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps’ technological superiority. The goal of proposed efforts must provide solutions that establish, build, and/or maintain STEM educational pathways of U.S. citizens directly relevant to the needs of Department of Navy’s (DON) current and future workforce.  This announcement explicitly encourages programs that improve the capacity of education systems and communities to create impactful STEM educational experiences for students of all ages and the naval related workforce. Continue reading...


FY 2020 EDA Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs including CARES Act

Agency: U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
Maximum Grant Award: $30,000,000
Closing Date for Applications: No deadline
Program Description: EDA is soliciting applications for investments that support construction, non-construction, technical assistance, and revolving loan fund projects under EDA’s Public Works and EAA programs. Grants and cooperative agreements under these programs are designed to leverage existing regional assets and support the implementation of economic development strategies that advance new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities.  EDA provides strategic investments on a competitive, merit-basis to support economic development, foster job creation, and attract private investment in economically distressed areas of the United States. Continue reading...

Economic Development Research and National Technical Assistance (RNTA)

Agency: U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
Closing Date for Applications: Applications will be accepted on an ongoing
Program Description: EDA provides strategic investments on a competitive merit basis to support economic development, foster job creation, and attract private investment in economically distressed areas of the United States. Under this NOFO, EDA solicits applications from applicants in order to provide investments that support research and technical assistance projects under EDA’s R&E and NTA programs. Grants and cooperative agreements made under these programs are designed to leverage existing regional assets and support the implementation of economic development strategies that advance new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities. Continue reading...


FY 2020 OCTAE Education Stabilization Fund - Reimagining Workforce Preparation (ESF-RWP) Discretionary Grants Program

Agency: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (OCTEA)Estimated Total Program Funding:  $127,500,000
Estimated Average Award: $15,000,000
Program Description: The purpose of the ESF-RWP Grants program is to provide support to help states with the highest coronavirus burden (see CARES Act, Sec. 18001(a)(3)) create new short-term educational opportunities and career pathways programs that help citizens return to work, such as course work that would help small businesses to recover and new entrepreneurs to thrive.   
Pre-Application Information: The Department of Education will issue a supplemental notice with additional information.  
Website: https://oese.ed.gov/offices/education-stabilization-fund/states-highest-coronavirus-burden/

FY 2019 EDA Disaster Supplemental

Agency: U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
Estimated Total Program Funding: $587,000,000
Closing Date for Applications: Applications are accepted on a continuing basis
Program Description: EDA has announced policies and application procedures for the Disaster Supplemental Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). This annual Congressional appropriations set-aside funds grants to advance long-term economic recovery strategies to address economic challenges in areas where a Presidential declaration of a major disaster was issued as a result of hurricanes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters occurring in calendar year 2018, and tornadoes and floods occurring in calendar year 2019. Community and technical colleges are among eligible grantees under this program. Continue reading...