Monday, August 31, 2015

Last week, the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees held their final hearings to determine which bills would move to their respective floors for final passage. League Legislative Advocates, Lizette Navarette and Ryan McElhinney, successfully engaged members on the needs of college districts, leading to actions that will benefit your college and students.

Your letters and advocacy to your local representatives and continued support for our positions were essential in ensuring that district needs were foremost in the minds of legislators.  

Following are two important bills that were approved or held (remained) in committee consistent with the League’s position.

  • AB 288 (Holden), the College and Career Access Pathways Act that is co-sponsored by the League, was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee. This committee presented the greatest hurdle for five previous efforts to expand concurrent enrollment. AB 288 gained the support of 73 education and workforce organizations. The bill will be on the Senate floor for a final vote this week, and then hopefully move to the Governor's desk for his signature.
  • AB 1010 (Medina), which would have mandated seniority rights for part-time faculty members, was held in Senate Appropriations. The League opposed this legislation in order to maintain the ability of districts and unions to grant these rights through local collective bargaining; 32 districts have already done so.  Defeat of this bill allows the remaining 40 districts to retain local control in bargaining. The League was uniquely positioned on AB 1010 to advocate for districts’ interests because of its wide representation of all colleges.

For a full list of bills followed by League staff, plus a brief summary and the League’s position on each, go here.

Also, continue to check this page – we will be continually updating these pages to provide districts with the latest information on both budget and legislative topics.