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Below you will find links to publications of interest and professional development opportunities for trustees. 

Open Meeting Law (Brown Act) Resources

Important Publications

Fiscal Responsibilities

Before attending the Effective Trusteeship Workshop and the Annual Trustees Conference it will be most beneficial if you are able to read and review as much of the following as possible:

Trustee Videos and Online Training

Video Topic Video Link

1. What is the CEO’s role in leading and supporting Board and Trustee professional development?

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2. What is the CEO’s role in leading and supporting Board planning?
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3. What should a new CEO do to avoid getting embroiled in internal Board politics?

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4. How can a CEO effectively deal with a split Board? What recommendations would you have for a CEO
who finds him/herself in such a dynamic?

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5. What can a CEO or trustees do to support the development of a highly functioning Board team?
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6. What CEO behaviors enhance the Board-CEO relationship? What behaviors undermine the relationship?
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7. What are the kinds of things that can happen between the Board and CEO that lead to a breakdown
in the relationship?

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8. In a multi-college district what relationship should college presidents have with individual Trustees
and with the Board?

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9. How should your CEO ask the Board for professional development to better meet the needs of the District?
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10. What is your top one piece of advice for a new CEO in working with Trustees and Boards?
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11. Were you surprised about what the ETP program helped you with?
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12. How has the ETP program changed your work as a trustee?
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13. What is your top one piece of advice for a trustee?

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Strong Workforce Videos
 The League has prepared a series of strong workforce videos to assist you in learning more about career technical education.

Video Topics Video Link
Video 1: Introduction to the Strong Workforce Program for Trustees Watch Now
Video 2: Understanding My District’s CTE Program Watch Now
Video 3: Indicators of a High Quality CTE Program Watch Now
Video 4: The Trustee Role in Building High Quality CTE Programs Watch Now
Video 5: Policy and Fiscal Concerns in Career Technical Education Watch Now

For segmented clips of the above videos, please click here.