The League's recently crafted organizational vision statement, “Quality Public Community Colleges for All Californians” appears especially apt in this post-election environment; both for its mention of all Californians, and its considered use of the modifier public.

Similar to districts and colleges, the League's reconceptualized Strategic Plan maintains fundamental elements of its mission, yet important changes reflect deliberate and considered choices emerging from the planning process.

The CEO, Trustee, and League Boards have affirmed and approved the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. You can review the goals, values, and mission on our About Us page.

The strategic planning process began in April of this year when the League engaged the Sacramento-based Weiss Group to facilitate the work.  Following an extensive review of the League's organizational background, historical planning materials, and strategic planning documents, we created the planning process and working agenda for a League Staff planning retreat.

League Staff appreciate that many of you responded to the surveys that we sent in June and July.  The surveys sought to identify: the most significant challenges confronting districts and colleges, perceived satisfaction with the work of the League,  the most valued League services and programs, what League priorities should be, and how the League might provide the greatest value to our primary constituencies.

Budget volatility and inadequacy, and student remediation and completion emerged as the top concerns in our surveys of CEOs and Trustees.  The Weiss Group met with the CEO and Trustee Boards to discuss issues and concerns to inform the Strategic Plan.

In late July, League Staff met for a two-day retreat to analyze and deliberate upon the evidence collected from the surveys and discussions with League stakeholders, and to identify the central elements and principles for the new Strategic Plan.  Following the retreat and identification of five primary strategic goals, League Staff broke into five "Goal Groups" to create action plans and indicators of achievement to facilitate implementation and assessment of the work.

While proud of the vision and values inherent in the 2016-2021 League Strategic Plan, our most important task is to work strategically and relentlessly to advance our mission to achieve the vision co-created by all of us engaged in the critical work of California's Community Colleges.

As always, League Staff invite your continued input and feedback on our efforts, and we look forward to supporting and serving you in these divisive and challenging times.

By Larry Galizio, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Community College League of California